Global Groove Fitness is the hottest dance-fitness workout!


Our classes are designed with YOU in mind – if you are looking for a fun, and exciting cardio-workout, then you are in the right place!

Global Groove Fitness will help you get motivated to be more fit, healthy, and happy.  Every class is simple and easy-to-follow with fitness combinations inspired by different dance styles from around the world from Salsa to Samba to Bollywood to Rock ‘n Roll to Contemporary Pop – you will be groovin’ even after the class.

What makes our class extra special? It’s the Awesome Friendly People. Yes, they make every Global Groove fitness class special – friendly, diverse, fun-loving, and awesome people – who share your idea of a fun class. You will feel welcome and part of a big family. Come a little early and meet other participants before the class.

Created and presented to you by Jeffrey Samson, each class is guaranteed to be fun, exciting, and exhilarating for all participants. With over 20 years of experience teaching group fitness, Jeffrey guarantees each class to be filled with infectious energy, wonderful enthusiasm, awesome moves, and upbeat music selections.

So come join the fun and check our class schedule – here.

Global Groove Fitness Class Rates:

  • $60 – 10 Classes (40% Savings)
  • $40 – 5 Classes (20% Savings)
  • $10 – 1 Class

It’s more than just a workout… It’s a PARTY!

*** What is Global Groove Fitness? 
*** About Jeffrey Samson?

What is Global Groove Fitness?GGF_twitterbground2013

Global Groove Fitness is a dance-based fitness workout incorporating fun, safe, and easy-to-follow dance moves inspired by different cultures from around the world! It is an hour-long class utilizing both athletic and dance moves such as Salsa, Cumbia, African Tribal, Bollywood, Brazilian Samba, Reggaeton, American Pop, Belly Dancing, and more!

Our Mission

To inspire you to move, groove, and make fitness a part of your lifestyle. 

Class Rates:

  • $60 – 10 Classes (40% Savings)
  • $40 – 5 Classes (20% Savings)
  • $10 – 1 Class

What to Expect in Class?

  • You will sweat so better bring a towel, change clothes, and a water bottle.
  • Fun dance moves to different music, you’ll be surprise what your body can do!
  • Awesome music – a variety of upbeat, catchy, dance tunes from around the world.
  • Fun and friendly atmosphere in an awesome dance studio
  • Burst of joy and happiness. It’s your “ME” time – enjoy it!

Yes, all of the above is guaranteed to you by Jeffrey Samson, he promise to bring you fun, exciting, and exhilarating experience in every class!  It’s more than just a workout… It’s a PARTY!

Come and join us  – check out our class schedule here.

Let’s Move! Let’s Groove! Let’s do Global Groove!

Jeffrey Samson

jsamson_032013Welcome to Global Groove Fitness!

Jeffrey Samson is the founder and creative director of Global Groove Fitness.

Jeffrey is delighted to share this wonderful dance-fitness workout that he specially design for you.  He guarantees that you will have a grand experience in every  class  and take this amazing journey to a healthier you.

Jeffrey is a certified Group Fitness instructor through the American Fitness & Aerobics Association (AFAA) and also a member of Zumba Instructor Network. His years of experience and passion for teaching group fitness is a testament that you are in good hands. And Jeffrey hopes to help and inspire you to be more physically active through dance-fitness and make fitness a part of your lifestyle.

A Little Bit of History

Jeffrey was born and raised in Manila (Philippines) and moved to Los Angeles in 2000. He’s been teaching group fitness for over 20 years. He started teaching fitness right after college (Trivia: Jeffrey holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, and works as a Director of Finance at a non-profit agency for children in Downtown LA).

Most of his life, Jeffrey has been involve in performing arts – he was a member of his elementary, high school and college dance troupe. A choreographer. And also a former international Sports Aerobics athlete. His passion for dance helped him evolved into a dance-fitness professional back in the 90s.

He first started teaching dance classes to children at a local gym in his hometown, and was encouraged by his mentor (Mely Salao) to try teaching aerobics classes. He started teaching aerobics classes incorporating his own dance styles with athletic moves in his class. Jeffrey classes became popular and made him one of the top fitness instructors in Manila.

Jeffrey enjoys teaching group fitness classes and sharing his skills and knowledge to other fitness professionals.  He specializes in dance-based fitness workout incorporating different  dance styles from Salsa to Samba to Afro-Caribbean to Bollywood to Pop, and more.

Jeffrey holds classes every:

Mondays @ 7:30pm – Live Arts LA (LALA) in Eagle Rock
Wednesdays @ 7:30pm – Live Arts LA (LALA) in Eagle Rock

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Class Rates/Packages

Join the BEST dance-fitness class for your buck!

Global Groove Fitness brings you an hour of fun, exhilarating, energizing, and calorie-burning dance-fitness party! Move and Groove to different popular dance rhythms from around the world. Experience and travel the world through dance-fitness.

Global Groove – a unique workout incorporating athletic and dance moves that are easy-to-follow, fun, invigorating and enjoyable that everyone will enjoy. NO DANCE BACKGROUND REQUIRED! *** 

For First time participants, you must fill up the required Registration Form (Click Here to Download) and bring it with you.  RSVP HERE

Regular Class Rate:

1 Class – $10.00/person (Pay on site)

Big Discounts on Global Groove  Class Packages (see instructions below):


10 Classes – $60.00 per person (40% Savings!)

(Valid for 90 days after purchase)

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GGF_PunchCard-5 5 Classes – $40.00 per person (20% Savings!)

(Valid for 60 days after purchase)





Let’s Move! Let’s Groove! Let’s do Global Groove!

* Payment method accepted (on-site) : – Cash – Check – Credit Card
** Global Groove Policies on Class Cards:

  1. Class cards are sold per person.
  2. Global Groove participants/students CANNOT share their class cards with another person.
  3. Global Groove participants/students MUST bring their card in every class OR they will need to pay the current rate per 1 session.
  4. Global Groove participants/students must respect other participants/students and shall not disturb the class while in session.
  5. Global Groove Fitness has the right to refuse service.

***  For First time participants, you must fill up the required Registration Form (Click Here to Download) and bring it with you. RSVP HERE

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